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Official League: Challenge another player

You can challenge the team of another coach by clicking on that team in the rankings, and then clicking on "Challenge". You can challenge the team of another coach only if a green flag is displayed.

If you wish to challenge the team of another coach, you must choose the tactics applied in both offence and defence.

You can make up to five challenges before exhausting your "Challenge" points. Once used up, you must wait as they regenerate over time.

Should you lose a match, you can get revenge by rechallenging the player against whom you just lost. If the second match goes your way, your opponent has the opportunity to rechallenge you so the definitive winner is calculated from the best of three matches!

When you win matches, you must confirm your XP points in order to obtain your rewards (level-up, Blood Bowl GPs, tactic points).

Choose your offence and defence tactics when you challenge another coach's team: